How are your employees coping with the constant change and pressures at work?


How are your employees managing work related stress?


What support are you offering to employees that are facing redundancy/ want a career change?


Are your employees looking for a confidential sounding board to voice their ideas and ambitions?


How are you enabling your employees to reach their full potential?


How Coaching Benefits Your Organisations.

Coaching aims to add value to both organisations and their employees. It helps identify and develop hidden talents within the workforce to enable them to meet personal and business goals by:

  • Developing employee skills in line with organisational objectives
  • Engaging employees’ with their work, making them feel valued and fostering commitment to the organisation
  • Promoting self-responsibility and initiative, and facilitating adaptation to new challenges and change
  • Accommodating and supporting employees’ obligations to their home lives so that they are productive and effective while they are at work.

By improving the performance of your employees, coaching enables your organisation to achieve superior performance in terms of labour productivity, cost-effective investment in Human Resources, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


At GoalMind, we work from the employees “point of view” towards the organisation’s expectations. This ensures that besides the added value, employees also gain job satisfaction.


Our clients have used us to increase sales and productivity. We also work with people that have work related stress and help manage poor performance.


By combining motivational mapping, goal mapping and coaching, employees discover what motivates them, learn how to set goals and get the support required to take action. Thus, they are able to supercharge their success increasing business output and profits.


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