Ruth Oshikanlu
Life and Business Coach in London

GoalMind was established in July 2010 by Ruth Oshikanlu.


Ruth has worked in personal development and career development throughout her career. She has coached teams, individuals and young people on the path to achieving success. She is a certified:-


  • Personal Performance Corporate Coach
    2008 - The Coaching Academy and 2009 - International Coaching Alliance

  • Goal Mapping Practitioner and Authorised Motivational Mapping Individual and Team Practitioner
    2010 - LIFT International and Skills for Business


Ruth has a passion for enabling others to learn, develop and achieve their full potential. Through coaching, she inspires her clients to set goals and make transformational decisions, enabling them to move forward in their personal and professional lives. In her previous career she worked in the healthcare community as a nurse, midwife, and health visitor. She continues to work as a Personal Performance Coach in London with individuals, small businesses and the public sector.


Ruth’s extensive experience of goal mapping and motivational mapping enables her to bring a unique perspective to her clients. She is known for her warmth, humour and energy, as well as her passion for creating a climate in which to maximise achievement for her clients. Her aim is to help her clients succeed.


Ruth is often invited as a guest speaker on personal development, enabling change and life coaching.


For more information or to request a speaker profile, please contact Ruth.